TM-YW Automatic Yarn Warping Machine

This machine can yarn warp such as all kinds of yarn in beam.

TMD-YW 300 Double Head Yarn Warping Machine

This machine can yarn warp at a time two beam. This machine can reduce time & place

TMS-YW Sample Yarn Warping Machine

Used to wind elastic and unelastic warp yarns onto the beam reel. Pneumatic loading beam device, broken yarn automatic stop device, frequency control and length setting device make warp yarns carried at constant speed and in the same level, neat and less waste. Suitable for beams of different size.

TM-LW Latex Warping Machine

The warp machine use of frequency conversion technology and the most advanced control, adjusting the friction between the roller and head to drive the use of pressure, the friction force can be adjusted as required, the head of rubber tension consistency. The counter convenient adjustment in warp length type reed, convenient regulation according to density and left and right position; a break automatic stop device easy to operate. Application of 14 inch, 16 inch pan head can also be customized according to the requirement of manufacturers. Creel 160-192 positions and also be customized according to the size of customer. Save the space, improve work efficiency. Can work the yarn demands of 20 sets ribbon machine

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