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Standard Needle Loom Machine

Heavy Width Needle Loom Machine

Double Option Needle Loom Machine

Zipper Belt Needle Loom Machine

Computerised Jacquard Loom (Inverter) Machine

Computerised Jacquard Loom Machine

Computerised Jacquard Loom (High Speed) Machine

High Speed Warp Knitting (Reeb Tape) Machine

Crochet Knitting Machine

Computerised Crochet Knitting Machine

Round Braiding Machine

Flat Braiding Machine

Twisted Rope Braiding Machine

Automatic Double Spindle Bobbin Winding Machine

Computerised Lace Knitting Machine

Sewing Thread Re-winding Machine

High Speed Sewing Thread Re-Winding Machine

Bopp Tape (Gum Tape) Slitting Machine

Automatic Yarn Warping Machine

Latex/ Spandex Warping Machine

Double Head Yarn Warping Machine

Sample Yarn Warping Machine

Automatic Plastic Tipping Machine

Semi-Automatic Plastic Tipping Machine

Semi-Automatic Metal Tipping Machine

Semi-Automatic Yarn Tipping Machine

Rubber Yarn Covering Machine

Computerised Bobbin Winder Machine

Continuous Tape Dyeing Machine

Sample Tape Dyeing Machine

Digital Paper Cutting Machine

Digital Creasing and Die Cutting Machine

Finishing & Starching Machine

Festooning Machine

High Speed Automatic Yarn Re-Winding Machine

Digital Table Rolling Machine

Automatic Vertical Tape Winding Machine

Wobbler Machine

Aluminium Beam

TM-SYW Sample Yarn Warping Machine :

CNC program control, auto operating, man power saving, time saving, material saving. One-time yarn threading can separate any number of yarn. Reliable performance, yarn splitting precisely. PLC controlled circuit, auto stop device, memory reserved. Adjustable rolling speed, Speed adjustment function. Display the number to manage the production, increase the production. This machine can yarn warp at a time two beam. This machine can reduce time & place. Multi- function yarn splitting machine is specially design for the regular weaving sample split yarn and development. Even one single yarn can be automatically split. Designed for small order use, featuring highly efficiency, human power saving, time saving material saving and stable. Apply on cotton, chemical fiber and blended yarn.

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